Motorized Wheelchairs – Reviews and Buying Guide

Disabled individuals who are restricted in their movements may find that the enhanced features of the motorized wheelchair makes things much easier for them.

Selecting a wheelchair can sometimes be difficult given the variety of brands available in the market. But when you know what you want specifically by doing a motorized wheelchair comparison, the process can take less time than you think.

The foremost thing you should care about is the safety of wheelchairs. Be very cautious around senior citizens or children. Additionally, be careful when you are outdoors. Gravel and dirt can create difficulty in movement, and greasy patches can be especially tough. Keep your eyes open for holes or dips because they can tilt the motorized wheelchair and you can incur serious injuries. It is absolutely a ‘never-never’ to use your wheelchair on snow or ice.

You may customize your motorized wheelchair based on your disability. For instance, if your disability has resulted in your inability to use your arms even the slightest bit, then control of the wheelchair movement with some other part of the body must be considered.

Types of Motorized Wheelchairs

1. Invacare Motorized Wheelchair

The Invacare motorized wheelchair is made for comfortable use. There are both left and right hand controls for setting the device. Also, there are specialized controls that can fit the requirements of the user, like increasing or decreasing the speed of the chair

The Invacare motorized wheelchair is available in a variety of sizes and shapes. The electric wheelchairs from Invacare come in various sizes ranging from pediatric to adults sizes (even for adults with weight problems). Invacare are known to sell a wide variety of products from electric scooters to canes to enhance mobility. Invacare has an extensive paraphernalia of medical supplies so any local store will provide you its accessories should you need them.

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The safety tie-downs that pin your wheelchair in a place when you go for a ride in another vehicle are tried and tested and the transport tie-down features on Invacare product are safer than conventional brackets that come with other chairs. The tie-down are crash tested and the locations on the accessory are boldly marked for easy use.

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Invacare Nutron R51 Motorized Wheelchair

Your search comes to a stop with a R51 Motorized Wheelchair which is a highly maneuverable power chair with exciting new features. This interesting package includes reliable rear-wheel drive for easy negotiation of obstacles. The chair can be folded easily for transport when you need to venture out more often.


Invacare At'm Power Chair

At'm Power Chair follows you everywhere. It is the sheer innovation from Invacare to design a power chair that is so compact and lightweight that it can fit inside the truck of your car and could also be put together in flat 60 seconds.


Invacare Pronto M41 Power Wheelchair

The M41 includes the all new technology of in-line motors and electronics. This coupling brings home far more efficiency, battery range and an increased top speed than ever before. The M41 also consists of a center wheel drive platform, a simplified model of Invacare's SureStep technology, and six wheels on the land affecting stability and maneuverability like other versions from Pronto.

2. Merit Motorized Wheelchairs

Merit motorized wheelchairs are driven by power assisting users who depends on mobility features offering a supply of wheelchairs for travel, home or sport use. You can even make a customized power-driven wheelchair to match your needs exactly.

Merit motorized wheelchairs offer medical paraphernalia that answers any circumstance for mobility support whether a lifetime adjustment or rehabilitative. When the situation is rehabilitation, Merit shower, motorized and manual wheelchairs can be hired from the department of physical therapy of the neighborhood health care clinic.

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They also provide daily living support and wheelchair accessories to make an existence of struggle a little less burdensome. Merit has several mobility aids like kitchen tools for people with restricted use of their limbs to dressing kits from more independence.

Apart from the more independent features of an electric scooter, Merit has high backed electronic wheelchairs for quadriplegic people wanting neck, head and full body support. Merit also supplies heavy duty chairs for accommodating obesity. When disabled people are confined to their chairs they tend to put on weight without the possibility of exercising. These specialized chairs enable the totally disabled to still enjoy some quality of life.

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Surf through various websites online for the best quality motorized wheelchairs. Merit has imported wheelchairs, walkers and a plethora of mobility aids. Merit motorized wheelchairs are best for both walking and sitting disabilities.

Birth defects like spina bifida or cerebral palsy cripple an individual for life. Sometimes, serious ailments such as muscular dystrophy, strokes or spinal cord injuries can confine a once mobile person to permanent electronic or manual dependability. A few handicapped people only require seasonal circumstantial use of wheelchairs, like an accident, a surgery or temporary sickness. Merit motorized wheelchairs have an answer to every need.

In conclusion, get in touch with customer care services at local stores or online providers for more technical know-how and comparative costs. Whether the Merit wheelchair is needed for a short span of time or a longer span, every individual can seek out something from Merit motorized wheelchairs for their subjective requirements.

3. Standing Motorized Wheelchair

The standing motorized wheelchair enables a handicapped individual to change his or her position from sitting to standing This power wheelchair has fantastic mobility with both the standing and sitting postures.

The electric powered mobile standing wheelchair has the advantages of a manual wheelchair, and the comfort provided by the power stand-up chair.

Two independent kits of equipment are used in the standing motorized wheelchair to make it fully functional. Frame design is incorporated into the power-assisted system which electronically assists the handicapped person to shift from the seated position to a standing position, letting him or her accomplish the posture easily by the mere pressing of a switch.

An innovation in the form of the power driver of the chair increases mobility. A very small pack is used for the regeneration of energy into the battery whenever the brake is used is the quick-release wheel hub drive, noteworthy for its high level of efficiency.

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This is the most technologically forward generation of standing wheelchairs. Its finely crafted design has less bulk standing than seated, in the manner of human posture, while continuing to give wonderful stability.

4. Motorized Wheelchairs Scooters

Mobility scooters or electric wheelchair scooters are designed specifically to provide the disabled individuals the freedom to move. Electric scooters boast high performance regarding safety as well as speed. They have adaptability, affordability, durability and include good warranties.

Motorized wheelchairs scooters are a unique economic substitute for electric wheelchairs. They are portable hence easy when travelling.

Electric wheelchair scooters are maneuvered using a tiller, which resembles a bicycle’s handlebar. With speed control knobs, they can control speed from 1 to 5 mph. Also, you can disassemble their parts for convenient transportation. Because they work by gel cell batteries, they can be safely transported.

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Motorized wheelchairs scooters are of two types:

i. Front-wheel drive

ii. Rear-wheel drive mobility scooters.

Front-wheel drive mobility scooters are generally for using indoors and for steering on smooth surface. They function by a 12-volt battery and can run for up to 10 miles with every recharge.

On the other hand, rear-wheel drive mobility scooters can accommodate no less than 250 to 350 pounds. Some heavy-duty versions can accommodate even up to 500 lbs. Rear-wheel drive motorized wheelchairs scooters work by two 12-volt batteries and can move 15 to 20 miles with each recharge.

Shoprider Echo 3 Wheel Scooter

The Echo 3 Wheel Scooter facilitates easy movement through tight spaces with comfort and stability. The Echo 3 is inexpensive and includes many features usually seen on higher end scooters, like adjustable seat height, basket, arm rests and flat-free tires. Due to its patented quick connect battery pack, charging your scooter is the easiest things you can do.


A plethora of electric wheelchair scooters are found in shops. Electric scooters and wheelchairs are now made to answer subjective needs. The latest models have enhanced maneuverability, high durability and are lightweight.

Many online dealers have qualified and expert staff to guide the buyer when purchasing an electric wheelchair scooter. They also provide specialized customer services such as maintenance and repair, provision of spares like cushions, tires and batteries, routine servicing and emergency services.

A few of the most well-known electric scooter versions are Sunrise Medical, Merits, Pride Medical Products, Tuffcare, Shoprider, Golden Technologies, Ranger, Palmer Industries, Quickie, Wheelchairs of Kansas, Roho, WinCo, Gendron, Harmar Bruno and Silver Star.

Renting a Wheelchair

Wheelchairs are made for disabled people and terminally ill individuals who face restricted and partial mobility making day-to-day living a struggle. With the advent of motorized wheelchair for rent these patients can take care of their daily activities and participate in family gatherings. This is especially useful for those who are recuperating from some temporary illness, but can work to some degree and can lead an active and productive life.

Wheelchairs are an extremely valued mobility equipment that let users to live an independent and secure life because the devices take away the constant dependence on others. An increase in the demand for wheelchairs has led many dealers, medical offices, charitable institutions and service provides to introduce the idea of motorized wheelchair for rent.

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Testing Before Buying

A wheelchair is an important and expensive investment and hence demands careful thought and thorough research. Looking after a badly made wheelchair with poorly constructed pieces, or just installing add-ons to a shoddily designed unit, will perhaps cost you more than if you buy a firsthand machine. So, you will have yourself a favor by taking precautionary measures and doing a motorized wheelchair testing when you go out there to buy a wheelchair.

No one knows your condition better than yourself, not even your family doctors and trusted therapists. You are the one to decide what you want from your wheelchair but take the advice of others who have their own wheelchairs in your health support group, rehab unit or senior center.

Seeking the Right Information

Measure the angles of the turns and the width of the doorways which your wheelchair will pass through daily, look at the knee space beneath your tables and desks, calculate the height of shelves on cabinets which you will use quite often, and finally keep in mind the various floor surfaces in and around your home, like concrete, carpet, wood or floor tiles. If you have a garden or yard, take note of the texture like grass, sand, dirt or anything else. All this should be part of your motorized wheelchair testing.

Now assess your transportation needs for a proper motorized wheelchair testing. Is your vehicle suitable for accommodating a wheelchair that cannot be folded? If you want a non-collapsible motorized wheelchair, will you be able to transport it? Will you need to use a lot of public transportation?

Take Your Time

It can be a daunting task to incorporate a wheelchair into your daily life. And if you pick up a wheelchair that you discover is making things more difficult for you, you are going to regret later.

So, the suggestion is that do not hurry when motorized wheelchair testing and deciding which brand to buy. Test all the models that seem feasible to you and don’t feel pressurized by others to decide on your behalf. This wheelchair will be your companion for a long time and it will only be wiser to take time in selecting the right product.

Cirrus Plus Power Wheelchair: The Cirrus Plus Power Wheelchair is an economical foldable powerchair that comes with plenty of interesting options like armrests that are detachable as well as adjustable in width and height. The back of the chair can be modified in both height and angle.

Alero Electric Wheelchair: The Alero is a foldable power wheelchair made for people who need specialized cushion support or for those who like a more conventional style. Available in 16", 18" or 20" widths, the Alero includes dependable rear-wheel drive. Its frame is supported with a double cross brace for stability and the battery tray folds inside the vehicle for extra efficiency.

Which Motorized wheelchair to Buy?

The three main types of wheelchairs are heavy duty wheelchairs, manual wheelchairs and motorized wheelchairs. Here we briefly discuss them and what should you keep in mind when you want to buy a wheelchair.

For uneven land surface, or outdoor excursion, people seek the use of a motorized wheelchair. These wheelchairs are powered by one and sometimes two batteries, and many of them can run for even twenty miles with a fully charged battery. With so much capacity a person can easily move around to take care of his or her daily activities in and around the house.

However, a standard motorized wheelchair will not work when the user should cover irregular terrain. A heavy-duty wheelchair is more suitable for this. You can easily know that by doing a motorized wheelchair comparison. These wheelchairs are made with very strong bodies and tires giving the user mobility unimaginable with the lighter varieties of wheelchairs.

So, before you pick up a wheelchair, think about the kind of use you would need to put it into, and then do some research and motorized wheelchair comparison on the product you like for a thorough understanding.

Accessories for Motorized Wheelchairs

One can find wheelchairs in several sizes and shapes with various options that help the wheelchair user to get what he or she wants. Accessories for motorized wheelchairs are made in a way to deliver more comfort and efficiency in using the wheelchair as well as going about regular chores.

The first essential accessories for motorized wheelchairs are seat cushions. Ensure that you select your seat cushion carefully otherwise it can lead to pressure sores and contribute to bad posture that can cause neck and back pains.

While it is true that access to wheelchair is generally being considered for most public buildings these days, there are still many that have not brought about any change to their structures to give space to wheelchair users. Additionally. not all private homes are wheelchair accessible. The good news is that there are accessories for motorized wheelchairs like wheelchair ramps that are made to help the user to maneuver themselves.

Wheelchair accessories also help a user board a vehicle or move up stairs. There is a wheelchair lift that takes the wheelchair from floor to floor. With Hydraulic lifts the ride remains smooth even if there is a power failure. Electrical wheelchair lifts come at a lesser price but are equally comfortable. See to it that you have a back-up system in case of an emergency power failure. You will also find automotive lifts and stair lifts.

A few more practical accessories are support kits to help in slip prevention, head support, sitting and leg elevation together with hand gloves, back cushions, and protective padding for elbows, legs and arms.

Each of these accessories for motorized wheelchairs will give wheelchair users more efficiency, comfort and safety and thus will improve the quality of their lives.

Poli Gel Wheelchair Cushion: The Poli-Gel gel/foam wheelchair cushion provides durability, comfort and support all in one. It is a good option for obtaining comfortable seating in any kind of chair. Poli-gel design is perfect for smooth, soft support for optimizing comfort.

Pride SilverStar Single Fold Ramp: Silver Star single-fold ramps from Pride® is a dependable answer for crossing thresholds, curbs and other roadside features. You can find them in different varieties of length and they can carry a weight of up to 600 lbs. Also, lightweight Silver Star Ramps are very compact, making them the best solution for home and away.

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