Chairs for Backpain

If you suffer from pain or discomfort when sitting, you’re not alone. Whether it’s coccyx pain, hip problems, lower back pain or pelvic discomfort—you’re one of millions of people worldwide facing the same challenge.

Our sedentary lifestyles damage our bodies in ways we can’t even begin to imagine. Chairs are not our friends. The amount of time we spend seated in unsuitable chairs each day causes our body’s untold stress. And eventually, we pay the price. Some of us sooner. Some of us later.

Back pain is a common ailment that results in a painful and discomforting feeling. Four out of five individuals are reported to experience the condition at least once throughout their lifetime. There are several causes of the condition, with muscle strain being the most common.

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Ergonomic chairs for backpain

Ergonomic chairs for back pain are specifically designed to help the person experiencing back or neck pain. They help an individual maximize back support and at the same time, maintain a good sitting posture.

Nowadays, ergonomic chairs for back pain have adjustable seats, armrests, back supports and height to prevent any injury from happening.

For effective use an ergonomic chair, the person must be able to adjust the dimensions of the chair to fit his body proportions and needs.

Various companies have developed the concept of ergonomic chairs for back pain even going to those chairs that allow for both forward and sideward movements. Being able to modify the ergonomic chair allows for the person to be able to have his full range of motion without sacrificing good sitting posture.

Ergonomic chairs are popular to those who work in the office for long periods of time. Knowing how to use the chair properly allows one to avoid serious back and neck problems.

Types of Ergonomic Chairs




Ergo Human Ergonomic Executive Leather Chair, Black

This ergonomic chair is perfectly designed for persons with bad back. Customers like this chair for its high quality and its uniqueness.

The chair has a tilt tension control with different height adjustments such as arm, as well as seat depth adjustments. This ensures all comfort that you need.

The ergo human leather chair is of a good value since they are relatively inexpensive as compared to other ergonomic chairs.

It’s a good office chair for you. Truly a great choice in chairs for bad backs

AmazonBasics High-Back Executive Chair

The High-Back Executive chair is the kind of chair you must be looking for if you have a bad back! The chair is designed to give you comfort as it swivels 360 degrees making it easy for you when multitasking.

It has more durable nylon casters that gives a smooth rolling mobility from one place to another within your office.

Also, it has a butterfly-seat plate and adjustable qualities to provide more comfort and perfectly support your back while keeping your body aligned for longer periods when sitting.

The chair is best for your back and its inexpensive and has a good quality that you won’t regret after buying.

High Back Black Mesh Executive Swivel Office Chair

This mesh executive office chair is highly designed to give you more comfort as it relieves tension created in the lower back to allow you sit for longer periods when working.

The chair swivels at 360 degrees making it easy to multitask without much straining. It has adjustable capabilities hence you can adjust to the height of your choice for more comfort.

This mesh office chair supports your back well while allowing air to flow through it keeping you cool and comfortable while sitting on it.

Aeron Chair by Herman Miller - Home Office Desk Task Chair Fully Loaded Highly Adjustable

Aeron chairs are the holy grail of those who spend a lot of time in their office chair. It is one of the best ergonomic chairs you can buy to relieve your back and neck pain while sitting for longer periods or maybe while working throughout the day.

The chair is perfectly designed to support your posture even when changing your positions, without many discomforts like many other chairs do.

It is made to last and withstand lots of use while being extremely comfortable and infinitely adjustable to fit people with different sizes and postures.

Leaders Executive Office Chair Fabric: Synthetic Leather

The synthetic leather chairs by Duorest, are designed for people with bad backs to help relieve back pains while seating for longer periods.

The chair incorporates an interesting design with removable armrests and dual backrests. With this, the chair will fit a wide variety of sizes and shapes and allow for increased adjustability.

The office chairs also come with tilt and height adjustments as well as being fully customizable to your preferred seating position.

Importance of Ergonomic chairs

A high quality ergonomic chair is designed to address different objectives towards relief of discomforts and aching. It is essential to opt for the correct chair that suits your specific needs and demands.

These chairs provide tons of support as well as cushioning for your rear and transforms traditional sitting into a much more comfortable experience.

Usually, an ergonomic chair is designed to resemble any ordinary chair so that it fits perfectly into any setting and compliments any ambiance, such as an office workplace or inside your household’s living room.

There are some ergonomic chair models that are designed to put you in a kneeling placement to remove conventional seated posture altogether. Others are created to put the pressure onto your abdominal muscles instead of your back. The benefit of this is that you end up building up your abdominal muscles.

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  • Require an ergonomic chair to provide support from the lumbar to the mid back.
  • Have chronic pain in their back.
  • Prefer a custom contoured seat for even weight distribution.
  • Prefer to alleviate stressful aches and pain in the back so often escalated by inferior chairs.

At present, there are several preventive measures and treatment procedures performed to sufferers of the ailment. Rest is one of the most commonly recommended treatment options for sufferers of rear aches. But keep in mind that ordinary resting positions will not do the job of alleviating the condition and may require specialized procedures or steps to take effect.

Other treatment options include physical exercises targeting the rear muscles, yoga, warm and cold compress, massage therapy and, if any of these fails to relieve the condition, then surgical procedures may be required.

Surgical procedures are a lot painful and tend to be costly. Thus, surgeons and doctors opt for the latter as the last resort for rear aches and discomforts and so should the sufferer.

Another viable treatment option and preventive measure for the condition is through buying specialized chairs. Similar with the benches and weird looking seats you see from a chiropractor’s office, sufferers of rear aching can buy and utilize a chair to achieve relief.


The ergonomic aspect of chairs for bad backs should not be ignored.

What is ergonomics you may ask and what does it have to do with where you seat for long periods i.e. 8 or more hours a day?

Well as per The Worldwide Ergonomics Organization, ergonomics boils down to the level of comfort that is (or not) designed into a piece of equipment, be it the controls in a car or the keyboard you type on every day.

Basically, it’s the research of how we work together with products and devices, and how we can develop them to be more comfortable to use and be more effective using them.

When Ergonomics was first being discussed there were two major themes that they wanted to include which basically includes health insurance, fitness and productiveness.

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Chairs for Bad Backs: Essentials in Choosing

“Bad back” is a term that people tend to use to describe a plethora of conditions. The most common type of back pain is due to aggravation of the lumbar region. This can be simply muscular inflammation or can be as serious as a bulging or herniated disc.

Most people don’t give a lot of thought to the chair they choose to sit on daily basis. Certainly, many of us spend an inordinate amount of time in our computer chairs or in a chair in the living room.

Of course, choosing chairs for bad backs requires a bit more information particularly regarding what is best for your own situation.

Before we go any further, I’d just like to say that there’s really no way to measure the importance of speaking with your physician and making sure that the chair you choose will serve you well, and more importantly will make your back feel better and not contribute to chronic or occasional back pain.

It’s literally impossible to underestimate the input of your physician regarding whatever is causing your back issues.

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So, let’s take a few minutes and talk about my list of essentials when choosing chairs for bad backs:

  • Firstly, I recommend getting a chair with a high back to help support the upper portion of your body and posture.
  • Next, switching your position is widely important: this is where my 2 different types of chairs come in for my home office.
  • Finally, if you stick with these tenets, you’ll be able to select a chair that does what you need, looks nice in your house, and doesn’t break the bank.

Many people have heard recommendations for the Aeron line of chairs, as they are known for their comfort and high level of fit, finish and quality. Certainly, if this makes you happy, then you should go for it if it’s your choice!

But my point is that you can find a very good chair without spending much money if you look around a little bit and take your time carefully.

If you’re into saving money, but you feel that a chair equipped with optional heating would fit the bill for you, you don’t have to splurge on a very expensive chair–just do what I do: get an inexpensive heating pad and set it up on an inexpensive but high quality chair.

This is really the best of both worlds and doesn’t break the bank.

So, what’s the best way to purchase chairs for bad back? Well, you can go out to just about any Staples or other office furniture store, try chairs out and see about the best deal. In a way, you get to test drive the chair and get an idea if it is right for your needs or not.

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